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About us
Our mission

About us

DG Solutions is a Czech machine tools and engineering company. Our office and factory are located in Prague and Brno. Our team consists of over 20 engineers in various fields. We provide complete solutions from basic components to custom-made machine tools.

Pavel Filak

Chairman of the Board

Jiri Vancura


Ben Yang

Business Development Manager

Marcela Capova

Office manager

Our Mission

Technology evolution and production efficiency improvement

Engineering evolves. Hence our philosophy is to ensure the best combination of technological advancement and production efficiency during the evolution. The technological advancement leads to the improvement of production efficiency. And the improvement of production efficiency builds up the market competitiveness. Therefore, we believe that the best combination of gradual technological evolution and improved production economic benefit can bring maximum benefits to our customers.

We believe that only through a professional team of engineers and employees can we achieve two main missions:

  • design, manufacture and deliver reliable and high-quality products
  • push the boundaries of existing technology

Mechanical design

The design of whole machine tool, fixture equipment, special tool

Technical experts

CNC program, optimization, mechanical circuit, PLC, drivers

Research co-operation

Provide technical research and development support for partners

Turn-key solution

Design (CAD) – work preparation (CAM) – manufacture – assembly and commissioning – delivery

Research & Development


The gradual technological evolution

We will always choose mature and more advanced components, technology and design ideas to put into our products, according to the technology level of the industry supply chain and the technical roadmap of the engineer team, so as to ensure the technological advancement of the products.


Production efficiency improvement

The advanced technology without a cost-effective advantage has no commercial value. Therefore, we only provide products which can help customers achieve the best production efficiency.